Artis Construction
Timeless Artisanship Meets the 21st Century

Furniture & Millwork

Furniture & Millwork

by Artis

Artis craftsmen revel in projects many other builders shy away from, including custom doors, windows, stairs and mantels. The finer the detail the more we love it. Our skill is evident, too, in the tables, desks, wardrobes we’ve crafted for clients — a perfect fit for a perfect spot. It's all about the unexpected detail.

“I’ve had many jobs in my career but never with a company like Artis where everyone enjoys coming to work. The Artis team works like one and delivers like one. I see the proof in the everyday details...from building a rope swing for a client’s daughter off the clock, to changing an out-of-reach light bulb more than a year after a project is finished. I plan on being here a long time.”


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