Artis Construction
Timeless Artisanship Meets the 21st Century


Skill. Reliance. Innovation.

Skilled Craftsmen

To ensure the highest quality and consistency, Artis Construction has assembled an impressive team of 24 full-time craftsmen. In our 7,000-square-foot workshop, our artisans custom-build everything from doors and stairs to entertainment centers and kitchen cabinets — even one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

We are also the largest employer of graduates from the reputable American College of the Building Arts here in Charleston — artisans who have been rigorously trained to tackle the most demanding assignments.

Even other contractors seem to appreciate Artis’ skill and devotion to excellence and have shown it by hiring us to undertake daunting restorations and intricate remodeling projects. Each time, we enthusiastically meet the challenge.

Reliable Partners

Given the investment, decisions and pressure that construction can entail, homeowners naturally assume it will be a stressful experience. At Artis Construction, we assume just the opposite. We believe that as we build buildings, we also build trust — that our job is as much about working with people as it is about wielding hammers. To us, trust means that when facing tough decisions, we present all the options, never automatically defaulting to the easiest, cheapest or most expensive. We balance what’s right for the building and what's right for the client.  

We are proud that many clients become friends and stay in touch with Artis long after a project is done. Often they hire us for subsequent jobs.

Innovative Thinkers

We admit it. We love what we do. And we love nothing more than using innovation and ingenuity to restore a beautiful old building to its former glory. When we found the 200-year-old columns of the grand Gadsden House had rotted, we determined to save — not replace — them. Not only did we come up with a way to do it, but we also did it with the column in place.

The owners of the Faber House, an 1832 Palladian marvel on East Bay Street, had an even thornier problem. The house had significant foundation and structural issues that needed addressing, but it was home to office tenants who needed to work. To keep everyone happy, we found a solution to address the repairs — and business went on as usual.