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The Artis team includes a full-time draftsman, skilled at all aspects of building design. We regularly, and gladly, work from blueprints and collaborate with architects, but we are pleased to offer clients the option to save time and money by consolidating the design/build process using our in-house talent. Our CAD-certified draftsman has created everything from entire beach houses, soup-to-nuts, to custom cabinetry and efficient, attractive kitchen spaces, and because we start from a construction mindset, our design/build services are feasible and executional. All Artis designs are engineer-approved and stamped. Our goal is to deliver excellence while simplifying the construction experience for our clients. If you’d like to streamline, ask us about our design capabilities.


Building Assessment

Older homes have loads of charm, and often, layers of issues. Artis believes knowledge is power, and that it’s always wise to have a clear understanding of the full range of needs before undertaking a renovation or repair project. We thoroughly evaluate the integrity of the building, including building envelope (roof, masonry, window sashes, etc.) and systems (gutter, plumbing, electrical, HVAC) then outline our diagnosis of all issues and recommendations. This package can be bundled as part of an Artis renovation project, or provided as a stand-alone service, often of interest to realtors or prospective homebuyers. Our goal is protecting a building’s integrity and a homeowner’s investment. If a bandage will do the trick, that’s great—we’re all for a quick fix, but often it’s more cost-effective to resolve underlying issues. Our expertise can help you parse that out, and ultimately save you money and headaches.


Property Maintenance

You’ve heard it before: the real estate rallying cry of “location, location, location.” Artis counters that with “upkeep, upkeep, upkeep.” Especially if your location happens to be in the Lowcountry where salt air, humidity, and hot sun take their toll. Artis has a dedicated Property Maintenance crew to provide high-end concierge service addressing all property needs—from changing fire alarm batteries to fresh coats of paint. No job is too small. Many of our Property Maintenance clients were former construction clients who have come to trust our team and rely on our expertise; it’s our privilege to keep your property looking and functioning its best.